On this page you will find an overview of our most common seminar formats.
All seminars will be adapted in advance to the needs of the respective company.
Below you will find more about our seminars - and the advantages of online-seminars.
If you are looking for seminars for scientists, please visit our young scientists' academy.

About our seminars

Due to the pandemic, our seminars are currently mainly taking place online. This has already proven itself numerous for most of our topics. All seminars are based on over 15 years of experience, also in interactive online lessons. The events regularly receive very good feedback. You can find participant voices on our website - please ask us for full course evaluations.

We adapt the formats to your wishes and needs, for example in terms of topic selection, duration and number of participants. We offer most of the seminars in German and English.

If you are interested, please contact us for further information, references and conditions.

Benefits of our Online-Trainings

  • On your side: minimal efforts for preparation - almost no efforts for execution
  • The online courses regularly and reliably receive very good feedback
  • Together we make a contribution to Covid-19 security
  • massively cost and time saving
  • With us, online-seminars are highly interactive: discussions, small group and partner exercises in breakout sessions
  • when done in series of short webinars, easier to integrate in regular working days
  • more participants possible than in widespread seminars (contact us when the maximum numbers mentioned are too small for your purposes)
  • participants become more familiar with online training possibilities and software - they become prepared for the future of personal training
  • zero travel expenses (saves money & time) for participants, trainers, and institution

We mainly use Zoom as a technical platform, others are possible. Feel free to ask us about technical requirements and solutions.