In individual coaching, we look together at special situations in your life and train certain behavioral changes. Coaching topics could be for example:

  • You want to be clearer about your personal and professional future
  • You want to prepare for a special situation, such as an interview or a presentation
  • You want to be able to approach people more openly
  • You want to feel less stressed in your job and experience more balance between private and professional life
  • You want to reorient yourself professionally
  • You want to feel more secure as a leader
  • You want to be able to communicate better in certain situations

Depending on your topic, our assessment and your preferences, we decide together with whom the coaching will take place.

Coaching with Dr. Matthias Mayer

Currently only online, which experience has shown to be excellent. Depending on your topic, we will decide on a time structure.

In case you are interested, contact us with your request.