Slide Design for Powerful Presentations – Single Webinar

How to fight the Death-By-PowerPoint-Syndrome

interactive webinar, 2 hours

For up to 20 professionals who want to convince in their presentations, in English or German

Your Benefit

Did you ever fall asleep during a slide-heavy presentation? Or at least felt like it? You don’t what this to happen to your audience! Understand why so many presenters make so severe mistakes in how they conceptualize and design slides. Learn to master this crucial area of really convincing presentations.


  • You know the Six Golden Rules of Slide Design
  • You know important techniques in PowerPoint (this is no PPT introduction)
  • You can ask whatever you need to use PPT to its fullest potential


What are the most widespread mistakes people make using slides?


  • How many slides should I prepare?
  • How many words per slide?
  • How should a background look like?
  • Which fonts should I use? What size?
  • How should I layout items on the slide?
  • Should I use figures and images? If so, what is important?
  • Which flaws are most common and how do I avoid them?

The most important technical tips and tricks for PPT


Mixture of trainer input and group interaction, many examples, discussion of the audience’s questions, demonstration in PowerPoint.