Successfully Managing Conflict as a Leader

How to Discover, Address, and Solve Conflicts

2 days training, online or on-site

For up to 12 leaders, owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers of any sector, in English or German

Your Benefit

As long as you will lead, you will be surrounded by conflicts. Conflicts in which you are involved, and such amongst your team, or others. They may arise due to different interests, goals, estimations, or expectations. They can originate from structural aspects like distribution of resources, from intrapersonal (individual) or from interpersonal (social) reasons. Many people avoid addressing conflicts or feel unsatisfied by the way they handle them. Rather than reacting on a purely emotional level, you can learn how to manage disputes and disagreements constructively and proactively, and to control your emotion and deal with the emotions of others.

In this training you will deepen your understanding about conflict, you will reflect about your own role in them and your contribution, and you will learn how to handle them better in future.


  • Participants become aware of conflict types and dynamics
  • Participants learn how to address conflict and how to respond to criticism
  • Each participant can increase the individual range of possible responses to conflicts, based on a thoughtful understanding of conflict characteristics
  • Participants reflect their own behavior and set clear goals how to behave differently after the workshop


  • The different types of conflictsConflict dynamics
  • Personality types and conflict behaviour
  • How to address a conflict actively, clearly, and constructively
  • How to respond to criticismConflict escalation stages
  • Guidelines for preparing and leading a conflict talk
  • How to detect conflict within your team and when and how to react
  • Dealing with your own emotions and that of others in conflict situations
  • Discussing selected real cases of the participants


The course consists of a diverting mixture of trainer input, practical exercises, and reflection. You will gain ideas about how to improve your own communication behaviour and already start practicing this. Also the online version is highly interactive using zoom technology with a lot of small group work.