Dr. Mayer in Q&A

Several Questions & Answers

How did you come up with a career in coaching - and founding mmsc.de?

I have always been passionately interested in the topics of my seminars. The impulse to make more of it arose during my doctoral thesis in computer science. Two things came together: I discovered my joy and talent in teaching – and saw the plight of many IT startups: Managers and employees – as well as students around me – had enormous deficits in these topics which are almost entirely absent from most educational curricula. At the same time, these topics were and are crucial for professional success. This kind of teaching had to have a future 🙂

What do you enjoy most about your work?

Working directly with people who keep coming to us with new problems and questions. At the same time, it is very fulfilling for me to be able to witness participants experiencing a smaller or larger breakthrough for themselves. Or just having an insight. And at the same time there are always new developments, impulses and tools in my topics, so that I can also keep learning.

What is the drive to do this for so long?

At the beginning it was my own big interest in these topics and my desire to learn in these areas. The interest has remained, now there is more and more joy in being able to pass on what one has recognized and experienced as valuable for oneself and with others.

What role does art play in your life?

A big one! After a short excursion into biochemistry, I started my career as a painter and taxi driver, then studied at the art college (HFBK Hamburg) and there, somehow got to computer science. After that, even while I was already starting my trainings, painting was still so important to me that I regularly gave it months at a time and allowed myself a large studio in Berlin.

In doing so, I probably painted the pictures that I had to paint in my life. All of my work in art deals with people, with their visions and insecurities, with their dreams and fears - interestingly, all topics that are also essential in my work as a trainer.

What is currently happening?

I am passionate about online learning formats. Thus, I am currently moving several seminar formats to hybrid live and video formats and explore further possibilities.

Another important step was the establishment of our young scientists' academy in 2021.
It has always been important to me to provide people with essential content as early as possible during their education. That's why I never stopped giving seminars at universities and scientific institutions. And I decided to create this special offer for this target group.

What is important to you?
To live "in congruency" with inner needs and one's own vision.

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