Impression Management – Mastering non-verbal Communication

How to appear confidently and competently

2-days seminar, online or on-site

For up to 14 doctoral and postdoctoral researchers, in German or English

Your Benefit

Communication is, to a large degree, non-verbal. This layer highly determines how we are perceived by our counterpart. We use it ourselves as an indicator of emotions, attitudes and personality traits present in our partner.

Non-verbal communication often unconsciously expresses feelings and opinions. It is much harder to be controlled compared to verbal communication. Still it is relevant for successful interactions.

This seminar allows you to receive feedback on your own non-verbal behaviour as well as to train the communication in challenging situations – such as presentations or interviews.


  • Sensitization for non-verbal processes of communication
  • Perception of own body language
  • Increasing abilities to act by consciously dealing with attitudes and postures
  • Giving and receiving appreciative and constructive feedback


  • What is non-verbal communication?
  • The 5 parameters: gestures, facial expressions, body posture, distance, tone of voice
  • Open versus closed postures
  • How charisma is created
  • Low versus high status body language
  • Comparing self-perception with perception of others
  • Special topics
  • Making a great first impression
  • Body language during job interviews, negotiations, presentations, small talk
  • Creating congruency between verbal and non-verbal communication


Trainer-input; self-reflection; single-, partner-, and group-exercises; role plays; mutual feedback with other participants, short presentations and situations, group discussions. Feedback of peers and trainer. Video recording and analysis. On-site version: Participants should bring a video recording device if possible (smart phone is sufficient).

Exemplary Evaluation (Communication Seminar)

for Graduate Academy Tübingen - on-site

Former Participants say


You will never regret this decision!

[...] the 2 days online seminar on conducting scientific talks [...] is extremely worthy of visit. [...] 2 main reasons why [...] Firstly, during this seminar, I could gain a very good understanding of what makes scientific presentations convincing. [...] Secondly, I had an opportunity to give a presentation during the seminar [...] got quite valuable [...] feedback [...]

I felt like I was sitting at the real classroom even though it`s online [...]

I benefited a lot during this seminar. [...] I received a lot of valuable feedbacks about giving talks on stage. I would strongly recommend you to attend this seminar. You will never regret this decision!

Nan Zhang , PhD Student, University of Tübingen - Participant of 2-days Online Presentation Skills Seminar

One of my best experiences

Thank you for the amazing course. It was indeed one of my best experiences.
With a simple, vivid as well as professional way you managed to cover all the important topics how to successfully present scientific talks. There are some “secrets of success” that I was not aware.
Definitely, after your guidance I know how to give an excellent talk and my audience go back home happy for deeply understanding the take home message of my presentation.

Dimitra Vlachokosta , PhD student at IGBMC, France - Participant of 2-days Online Presentation Skills Seminar

I could raise my presentation skills from good to excellent [...] Strongly recommended!

The two-day online course on scientific presentation was really useful for me. [...] I could raise my presentation skills from good to excellent. [...] it worked really well online. [...] Matthias was very engaging and the course was very interactive. [...]

What I found most special about this course is the very individualized feedback that each of us received on multiple aspects of presentation. Recording a video of us while presenting and then watching it and discussing it individually with Matthias was a very unique and useful experience which one rarely ever has when presenting in real life. [...]

I am really looking forward to my next talk [...] Strongly recommended!

Wala Jaser , PhD Student, University of Tübingen - Participant of 2-days Online Presentation Skills Seminar
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