2-tägiges Seminar, online oder on-site

Für bis zu 14 Promovierende und Postdocs aller Fachrichtungen, auf Deutsch oder Englisch


For up to 14 doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers of all disciplines.
* This format can also be specified to either target only doctoral students or postdocs.
Then the content will be further specified to the target audience. Ask for details.


  • Know how to use powerful time planning methods xxx how do I edit this content templates settings 16 to 18 pt font1!
  • Know how to balance professional and private life
  • Know how to control your inner state using concentration and relaxation techniques
  • Exchange of experiences with other participants


Fundamental requirements for good time management during your research project

  • Making decisions and developing initiative
  • Is my research topic small enough: What exactly do I want to examine?
  • How can I motivate myself on the path to completing it? 
  • How does this path look like?

Strategies for efficient and effective use of time

  • Time planning and the research project: master plan, weekly and daily planning
  • Setting priorities (Eisenhower Method, Pareto Principle)
  • Finding your balance: research project – job – private life
  • Getting rid of time-killers
  • Focused work with highest concentration (silent hour and other techniques)
  • Controlling your inner state using relaxation techniques

Methodisches Vorgehen

Trainer input; individual, partner, and group work; written and creative focusing exercis-es; relaxation exercises; guided and free sequences in which participants can develop im-ages; brief presentations by participants; group reflection. Highly interactive online sem-inar using zoom technology with a lot of small group work.

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